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Skinny Strawberry Butter

How do I describe my Skinny Strawberry Butter? Here, I’ll try. Strawberry butter is like the John Tucker of condiments (if you’ve seen the movie, you catch my drift). Basically, it rocks my world. And it’s so simple to make! Just a tip, guys. Or girls. Anyone should totally take not of this tip. Skinny […] Read more…

Skinny Strawberry Glazed Pancakes

Y’all know I love my pancakes, and today was no exception with my Skinny Strawberry Glazed Pancakes. As I brainstormed what I wanted to make for breakfast, a nice idea melted over me like warm strawberry butter. Actually, my idea¬†was strawberry butter. Chocolate chips and strawberry butter. Is your mouth watering? Mine is just remembering.They […] Read more…

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