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Skinny Krispy Kreme Copycat Donuts

Don’t those words, Skinny Krispy Kreme Copycat Donuts, make you giddy? I remember the first day I heard about Krispy Kreme. At the time, I hated donuts and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Mom used to take us to this little donut shop before church every sunday, and while everyone else would […] Read more…

Skinny Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Tell me that those words, Skinny Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, don’t do anything for you. Tell me! Okay,┬ánow that I’ve demanded you own up to a lie (right? You wouldn’t confess such a bold-faced lie, would you?), let me fill you in. I’m taking a break from my pancake adventures and moving on to bigger and […] Read more…

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