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Skinny Hogwarts Butterbeer Pancakes

Thank God my Skinny Hogwarts Butterbeer Pancakes happened. Cause guys . . . Ugh! Let me start by saying . . . I’m sorry. I’m sorry I took so dang long to write a new blog post. I’m sorry I didn’t keep ya clued in. I’m sorry my Instagram has been lacking some serious game. I’m sorry. But . […] Read more…

Skinny Hogwarts Butterbeer

Many of you believe that Halloween is about kids in Batman and Cinderella costumes asking for candy, but some of you are like me and believe in things like Skinny Hogwarts Butterbeer. Some of you believe that Halloween is specifically about Harry Potter.  Have you ever been to Universal Studios in Orlando? Have you ever been […] Read more…

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