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Skinny Sugar Cookie Bars

Sometimes in your life, Skinny Sugar Cookie Bars just happen. You’re in the kitchen, you’re watching reruns of Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy or something else Shonda Rhymes, and suddenly, the mixing bowls are out, the xylitol’s gleaming. &. you. have. to. have. sugar. cookies. Err, “sugar” cookies. Because I’m opting for xylitol over sugar. Xylitol […] Read more…

Skinny Iced Sugar Cookies

I made Skinny Iced Sugar Cookies because I couldn’t help myself any longer. Why? Let me explain. I do it every time. Those luscious, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies propped perfectly in the bakery aisle, poking their round, fat eyes out at you, crying, “Pick me. Choose me. Love me” in their best Meredith Grey voice. They’re […] Read more…

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