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Skinny Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Skinny Cookie Dough Ice Cream while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s is probably the best thing a girl can do for herself. Pretend she’s Holly Golightly and wear adorable silk robes search Amazon for dangly ear plugs and stare longingly at the beautifully chiseled George Peppard (who looks¬†exactly¬†like someone, but I can’t put my finger on […] Read more…

Skinny Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’m not trying to accomplish the world’s tastiest oxymoron when I say Skinny Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s skinny when it comes to you, and it’s giant when it comes to the cookie. Does that clear a few things up? Anyway, somehow, someway I did it. I have been dying to create a 100 calorie […] Read more…

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