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Skinny Cookie Dough Pancakes

Who wouldn’t like something called Skinny Cookie Dough Pancakes? And what makes them so great? They’re oven-baked. Not. Kidding. In an honest moment, I’ll admit that I prefer oven-baked pancakes to stove-top pancakes. This is something I usually keep to myself for one simple reason: oven-baked pancakes take longer and require a LOT of patience–patience […] Read more…

Skinny Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’m not trying to accomplish the world’s tastiest oxymoron when I say Skinny Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s skinny when it comes to you, and it’s giant when it comes to the cookie. Does that clear a few things up? Anyway, somehow, someway I did it. I have been dying to create a 100 calorie […] Read more…

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