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Skinny Strawberry Vanilla Bean Donuts

Skinny Strawberry Vanilla Bean Donuts never looked so good. I had a friend visit me earlier today with the simple request that I make her something with strawberries in it. Something low in calories that “doesn’t taste like cardboard.” She tends to think that all healthy food tastes like cardboard, which I find funny and […] Read more…

Skinny Brownie Batter Soufflé Donuts

You’re thinking, “What on earth are Skinny Brownie Batter Soufflé Donuts?” Don’t worry. I totally, totally would’ve wondered the same thing had I not invented them. Can I say I invented these? I mean, I feel like I did. They totally taste like a soufflé donut…which isn’t even a real, like, item. I think? Anyway, […] Read more…

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