What to Wear to Disney World and Universal Studios

After recently wondering what to wear to Disney World and Universal Studios, and after doing lots and lots of research, I decided to write a blog post with my opinion of the perfect DW and US attire depending on the time of year that you go (while still looking cute). Here’s what I came up with…

fallWhat to wear to Disney World and Universal Studios by Jordan Nettleship of Skinny Girl StandardMy girls and me at my Bachelorette Bash in February. Erin (second to right) said it was slightly too chilly for shorts, but not too many complaints about the weather. Low 70s. 

Sneakers I Sully Jogger Pants I Grey Drape Sweater I Blush Joggers I Scrunch Over Socks Grey Joggers I Black Tie Top, Long Sleeve I Grey Slouch Beanie I Metallic Raincoat I Black Joggers I White & Grey Scarf I Tech E-Touch Black Gloves

  1. Why joggers? Light, airy, none-chafing
  2. Why Tech E-Touch Gloves? So you can still use your smart phone, even when it’s cold out.
  3. Why loose-fitting shirts? So you show no sweat stains and feel comfortable at all times.
  4. Must have? That Metallic Raincoat! Comes in more handy than you could ever imagine.


High-Neck Top I Striped Shorts I Pink & Blue Tank I Friday, Saturday & Sunday Top I 80’s Crew Socks I Sunglasses I Pink & Black Flats I Denim Overalls I High-Neck Swimsuit I White Tennis Shoes I Green Army Vest

  1. Why tie shorts? So You can adjust how tight or loose you’d like your shorts for comfort.
  2. Why button overalls? They’re much easier to unhook than a romper when using the restroom.
  3. Why a pocketed vest? So you can put your phone, cards and ID in pockets when riding rides rather than having to get a locker for a purse or bag.
  4. Why a high-neck swim top (under a loose shirt)? Just in case it rains or you ride water rides.

basicPersonalized Minnie Mouse Bag, What to wear to Disney World and Universal Studios by Jordan Nettleship of Skinny Girl StandardHow cute is this bag? One of my besties Jordan Bosstick (of Miss American Made) bought this for me on my bachelorette party with tons of goodies inside, including some wine and treats.

Lion King Sweatshirt I Snow White Sweatshirt I Minnie Shorts I Mickey Sweatshirt I Blue Minnie Socks I Mickey Comic Shirt I Mickey Cap I Red Minnie Socks

minnieLion King Minnie Mouse Ears, What to wear to Disney World and Universal Studios by Jordan Nettleship of Skinny Girl Standard

Space MountainEPCOTChewbacca (Star wars) I Beauty & The Beast I The Little MermaidFrozen (Anna)Donut Minnie EarsInside Out

Want other ears? Check out these amazing stores on Etsy: To Never Neverland, Ears N Cheers, Extra Magic Hours, and Modern Mouse Boutique


Harry Potter Minnie Ears I Dumbledore Owl Tattoo I Liquid Luck Potion Necklace I Glasses Ring I Golden Snitch Bracelet I Hufflepuff Cup Necklace I Deathly Hallows Necklace I Slytherin Scarf I Harry Potter Tattoos I Ravenclaw Scarf I Slytherin Shoe Wings I Deathly Hallows CapFleur Delacour Beauxbaton Academy Hat


Luna Lovegood Shirt I Expecto Patronum I Quidditch Tank I Deathly Hallows I Witch, Please I Harry Potter T-shirt I Deathly Hallows Leggings I He’s a Keeper, She’s a Catch

Check out my homemade and skinnified Butterbeer recipe.


  1. Why I wouldn’t suggest rompers: Think about having to use the restroom.
  2. Why I wouldn’t suggest dresses: Think about those roller-coasters that flip and what-not.
  3. Why I wouldn’t suggest a purse/bag: Think about having to wait in long lines just to have your bag checked, or to rent out a locker. Tip: wear a jacket or vest with a lot of pockets to store your phone, credit card, and ID if you plan on drinking.

Congratulations! Now you know what to wear to Disney World and Universal Studios! Now check out my blog on where to eat and stay at Disney World and Universal Studios, as well as 15 secrets about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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