Why Yummly is my Favorite Website

The name says it all: Yummly. Like, what a happy, compelling, totally accurate name. I visit this website every day, visit it to get some inspiration, to look at beautiful pictures of food, to drool on my keyboard. Us foodies like staring at pictures of pizza. It’s in our DNA. It’s a part of us. Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.10.19 PMIt wasn’t long ago that I first began to share my recipes on Yummly. The thing is, when your life revolves around making food that tastes good and is as equally guiltless, you want to share those recipes with the world. Yummly lets that happen. It’s so easy to maneuver the website, it kind of reminds you of a flip recipe book, your grandma’s, where everything is marked and tabbed. Except the manual labor is like, 1/100th of the old hand-me-down recipe book. Plus, no ineligible cursive required. Thank you, God, for the Internet. Here, you just type something in, no flipping required, and you suddenly see hundreds – no, thousands – of beautiful photos for beautiful recipes you’re suddenly destined to try. Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.13.21 PMSee what happens when I type in, “Nutella cupcakes”?

This is where I get my inspiration from, people. It is the reason why my guests compliment my food. Not the entire reason, because then I’d be a fraud, but you catch my drift. My favorite aspect of it is how organized it is. I can search seasonal, popular, quick and easy. I can search weeknight dinners. There’s even a section for the “yummliest food on the web.” Is the word “Yummly” in the dictionary yet? Because I will use that word as a verb, a noun, and an adjective. Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.15.35 PMYummly is also your friend. Why? Because it gets to know you. It understands you. So you hate broccoli? Like, you hate it? Cool. They’re not going to suggest you check out a bunch of recipes with broccoli in them. So you love Nutella? Capital L? Way to be original . . . Only kidding. Yummly is going to throw Nutella recipes your way, no heavy lifting required on your part. Anyway, I’m a sucker for this site, which is why you should totally check out my Yummly Page like, now. 

Don’t forget to use the Yummly button in my posts to “Yummly” my recipes and save them directly in your recipe box for safe keeping. It’s the easiest way to store recipes.

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